47 people have been charged in the case of looting of ballot boxes

A case has been filed against 47 people in connection with chaos, illegal influence and forceful looting of ballot boxes at Bhairbe polling station in Kishoreganj.

On Wednesday (June 5) night, the presiding officer of Mautupi Primary School of Sadekpur Union of Upazila Enamul Haque filed the case as the plaintiff.

Enamul Haque was the presiding officer of that center on the election day of Bhairab Upazila Parishad. He stopped the polling at the center at 2 pm when the accused created chaos and looted the ballot boxes during the polling. At that time, the members of the law and order force and the executive magistrate on patrol went to the polling station and arrested the two.

They are General Secretary of Union Chhatra League Rakib Karta (27) and Rakibul Hasan (31). They were challaned in Kishoreganj court on Thursday (June 6) afternoon.

In the case, 20-25 unidentified people have been named as accused. Among them are some leaders of Union Awami League and BNP.

According to the source of the case, while the polling was going on at Mautupi Government Primary School Centre, the accused along with Rakib Karta, the agent of the center on behalf of Jahangir Alam Centur (General Secretary of Upazila Awami League) of Ghora Prateek created chaos and snatched the ballot box. On receiving the information, the patrolling magistrate along with the members of law and order force went and recovered the ballot box. Meanwhile, the police arrested the two. Later, when the seal of the rescue ballot box was opened, the presiding officer suspended the polling at 2.30 pm.

In this regard, the presiding officer of the polling station, lecturer Enamul Haque Sohan, said that polling was going on in a fair, peaceful and impartial manner from 8 am. Around 2 pm suddenly the accused ganged up and robbed a ballot box. They exert influence and try to seal the ballot with the horse symbol. When I stopped them, they attacked me.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Bhairab police station Sofiqul Islam said that the presiding officer has filed a case as a plaintiff. The case will be investigated and legal action will be taken.

Rajibul Hasan/SR/JIM