A happy family of seven wives, the socialists forced two to divorce

Ever since the news about Kushtiar Rabijul, who is happily married to seven wives, has come under pressure from the community leaders. After divorcing his 6th wife four months ago, he went to his father’s house. Then his family with six wives and five children.

But Rajibul alleges that 22 heads of the village have come together and forced him to divorce his two wives in accordance with Islamic Shariat. The chiefs even said that he had been assaulted and his two wives thrown out of the village by calling for justice.

The incident took place at Patikabari market of Patikabari union of Kushtia Sadar upazila at 10 am on Saturday (June 8) in the presence of 22 village heads. However, the village chiefs denied this allegation. Rabijul Islam (40) is the son of Aynal Mandal of Miyapara, Patikabari village.

According to local sources, 22 heads of the village called a social meeting at Patikabari market at 10 am on Saturday. They also called Rabijul there. Local Matabar Nazim Mondal played the role of chief in the meeting. Also General Secretary of Union Awami League Safar Uddin, Liton Mandal, Muhtamim Hafez of Majila Darus Sunnah Bahumukhi Madrasa. Mufti Alamgir Hossain, Pesh Imam of Patikabari Baitul Aman Jame Mosque. Mir Shafiqul Islam, Mizanur Rahman, teacher of Patikabari Hefzkhana and Bahumukhi Madrasa, Muhtamim Qari Moshiur Rahman of Majila Paschimpara Darul Ulum Hafizia Qariana Madrasa were present.

In the meeting Muhtamim Hafez gave the Islamic explanation of not having more than four wives according to Sharia. Mufti Alamgir Hossain. Rabijul’s fifth and seventh wives were present at that time.

Rabijul Islam said, 22 heads of the village united and called a social meeting and asked me to attend. I told them I need time for this. Because all the people I married are children of poor families. A decision can be made later on by creating a position for them to move. But they disobeyed me and forced me to sign the stamp to divorce my two wives in their own way. I don’t want to divorce them. After the arbitration, they threw my two wives out of the village. assaulted me and my uncle. I will take legal action in this regard.

A happy family of seven wives, the socialists forced two to divorce

However, the head of the meeting, Nazim Mondal, said that according to Islamic Shariat, there is no provision to keep more than four wives. That is what we wanted to convey to him while sitting socially.

In response to the question whether you can force the wives to divorce, he said, Rabijul has promised himself that he will divorce his two wives. We did not force him, we did not beat him.

Safar Uddin, General Secretary of Patikabari Union Awami League and former UP Chairman, another village chief present at the social meeting, said that it is an illegal marriage. We didn’t force him. His two wives accepted. They have also been given two lakh taka for their cabin and accommodation.

In this regard Patikabari UP Chairman Sheikh Rezvi Uzzaman said, I have come to know about the social meeting through various channels. As I was not asked by the chiefs to attend the meeting, I do not know much about it.

However, it was not possible to talk to the two wives of Rabijul in this regard.

According to local and family sources, Rajibul, a child of a poor family, married Rubina Khatun, a girl of Baluchar village in Mirpur upazila of the district, at the age of 13. After two years of marriage, the couple had a son. Later, leaving his wife and children at home, Rabijul migrated to Libya. He started his career there by working on tiles. Later he met Helena Khatun of Kishoreganj Sadar Upazila in Libya. There they became involved and eventually got married.

Although he did not inform his first wife immediately, he accepted the marriage after learning later. Then Rabijul took his first wife Rubina to Libya. He lived there for 12 years with two wives and children. After returning to the country, he built a two-storey house in his father’s house.

A few days later, he had a love affair with Nurunnahar of Chapainawabganj on a mobile phone. Later, Rabijul married Nurunnahar. However, Nurunnahar alleged that at the beginning of the relationship, he knew that Rabijul had a wife.

Robijul claims that he married his mother for the fourth time in a row. His fourth wife is Swapna Khatun. The house is in Srirampur village of Alamdanga upazila of Chuadanga. After that, Rabijul got married three times in three months. His fifth wife’s name is Banu Khatun, a resident of Dumbalpur village of Alamdanga upazila. The name of the sixth wife is Rita Akhter. His house is in Poradah Union of Mirpur Upazila of Kushtia District. The last married seventh wife Mita Khatun’s house is in Durgapur village of Kushtia Sadar Upazila.

The wives live in seven rooms of the two-storey house. Each wife’s bedroom is furnished in the same way.

Robijul claims that none of his wives have any complaints even though it is not legal. They are living peacefully together.

Regarding multiple marriages, Bangladesh Islamic Foundation Kushtia Deputy Director Md. Helal uz Zaman said, according to Sharia, a person can legally marry up to four times subject to conditions. All previous wives must have permission for this. Equal rights of all wives should be ensured in married life. Apart from this there is no provision for taking any additional wife.

In the context of whether it is possible to force a divorce in a social meeting, Kushtia Judge Court Public Counsel (PP) Advocate Anup Kumar Nandi said that it is a crime in the eyes of the law to force someone to divorce by forcing them in a social meeting.

In this regard, Kushtia Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Partha Pratim Sheel said that it is different if it is based on the agreement of both parties. But there is no scope for coercion.