Abuse of power is creating Frankensteins like the Benazirs

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) commented that rampant abuse of power by high-ranking individuals is creating a Frankenstein like former police chief Benazir Ahmed.

At the same time, the organization has expressed deep concern about the illegal acquisition of huge wealth by the former IGP and the misuse of government power to acquire it.

TIB expressed this concern in a circular on Monday (June 3).

In the notification, TIB said, the rampant abuse of power by high-ranking individuals has called into question the accountability structure of the state system. Accomplices and protectors involved in abuse of these powers should be brought to justice. Besides, the organization demanded fair compensation to the victims due to forced land acquisition.

The executive director of TIB called such instances of abuse of power from the top positions of the law enforcement agencies as despicable. Iftekharuzzaman said, ‘The allegations of the law enforcement and other concerned government agencies conspiring to buy land by intimidation and using force in the name of the former police chief and his family members are really terrible. The victims of this injustice have also been forcibly denied the opportunity to seek justice. In such a situation, there is no alternative to ensure exemplary justice to the main culprits and accomplices as well as to ensure fair compensation to the victims who were forced to sell their land out of fear or as hostages.’

Dr. Benazir Ahmed raised questions about how he left the country with his family despite so many complaints. Iftekharuzzaman said, ‘According to media reports, the former police chief accused of corruption has left the country. He also withdrew a huge amount of money from the bank account before leaving the country. In such a reality, it is really surprising that a popular person like him left the country without everyone’s knowledge. It is not unreasonable to ask whether the incident of his going abroad was done through collusion, whether there was collusion of the officials of the concerned bank in withdrawing money from the bank and smuggling it abroad, or whether the investigation against him is actually just a show-off.’

‘In this case it is clear that a certain part of the power structure has given him protection before and still does. As a result, the former police chief should not only be brought under the law for corruption, but all those who protected or assisted him should be brought to justice.

The executive director of TIB said, ‘As a former police chief, he has set a strong example of a law-abiding person, and has become the owner of huge wealth through corruption for so long. But the matter has not come to the attention of the government – there is no opportunity to accept such a demand. In that case, it is natural to ask that a section of the ruling class not only protected him but also cooperated in carrying out such crimes. It has also given encouragement in the field. Which is playing an unprecedented role in creating Frankenstein in the political arena in the administrative machinery.

He said, ‘According to Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader, the government has the information of all those who committed corruption. Although it is rare, the government must answer for the sake of the accuracy of such recognition of reality, then how is it possible to create such a huge example of corruption by a top police officer? Similarly, in that case, by publishing that list, all concerned should be held accountable and prove the accuracy of the government’s zero tolerance commitment against corruption. Otherwise such an undertaking would turn out to be a farce, as would be proved in the public mind.’