Accused of murder case arrested after 12 years in Chittagong

After 12 years in Chittagong. RAB has arrested an accused in the murder case named Mamun (12). He was arrested from Barapool area of ​​Halishahar police station in the city on Sunday.

The arrested Mamun is the son of Azizul Haque alias Chikon Mia of Companytila ​​village of Chittagong’s Bhujpur police station. Senior Assistant Director (Media) of RAB-7 said this information in a notice sent to the media on Monday morning. Sharif Ul Alam

RAB-7 said that in 2013, Mamun was the accused under arrest warrant in Bhujpur, Chittagong organized murder case. After the case, he had been hiding in different places of the country including Chittagong for 12 years to avoid arrest by the law enforcement agencies.