After an argument, Constable Kauser got fired

Constable Kausar Ahmed had an argument with duty constable Monirul Islam in front of the Palestine Embassy in Baridhara of the capital. After the argument Constable Kausar fired 8-9 rounds aimed at colleague Monirul.

However, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has yet to inform about what the argument was about and why Constable Kausar was agitated. DMP said that it will be found out after investigation.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime and Ops) Dr. b. Mahid Uddin

He said, we do not have any information that there was a dispute between the two policemen. We spoke to Kausar, but no information on the dispute was available from him. Also, I have seen the duty records of the accused Kausar for the last one-two months. Kausar has duly done his duty on the record.

We are yet to confirm what they argued about before the shooting. The investigation will be known later’, added Dr. Mahid Uddin

After an argument, Constable Kauser got fired

This official of DMP also said, ‘I think the accused constable Kausar Ahmed is mentally disturbed. He was shocked by the shooting. Because of this, he kept saying, ‘How did it happen? I don’t know.”

‘That is to say that one’s colleague is nervous after such an incident. That’s why Constable Kausar was walking there after the incident, keeping his weapon. Because he could not take the stress. After the incident, he realized how much injustice and inhumanity he had done. Maybe after a day or two, the reason for the shooting will be understood.’

In response to the question whether constable Kausar was mentally disturbed due to extra duty. b. Mahid said, ‘No, no problem has arisen due to duty. And now there is no extra pressure of duty anywhere. Naturally everyone is doing duty.’

Dr. asked whether any initiative will be taken to counsel the policemen as a whole. b. Mahid Uddin said, institutionally we do not have a counseling system. But we do regular briefings on what can and cannot be done; It is said about that. It is also a form of counseling.