Awami League leader Babu arrested for MP Anna’s murder

Jhenaidah District Awami League Relief and Social Welfare Secretary Kazi Kamal Ahmed Babu alias Gas Babu has been arrested by Detective Police (DB).

A DB team from Dhaka took him from Adarshpara area of ​​Jhenaidah city sometime on Thursday (June 6) night. However, his family members and district police officials could not tell why he was taken.

It is believed that Member of Parliament (MP) of Jhenaidah-4 Constituency Anwarul Azim may be taken for questioning on suspicion of involvement in the murder. However, Babu’s family members refused to comment on the matter. Talking to Babu’s relatives, it is said that Aktaruzzaman Shaheen, the main planner of MP Anna’s murder, is his cousin.

Kamal Ahmed’s house is next to Bir Shrestha Hamidur Rahman Stadium in Adarshpara, Jhenaidah. His wife, college teacher Kazi Shirina Afroz, said, ‘My husband was taken away by the DB police yesterday. They came from Dhaka. I asked them why they were taking it. They just said that they have something to say with him. I don’t know more than that.’ After saying this, he entered a relative’s house next door.

Kazi Kamal Ahmed Babu’s sister’s house in Kachatala area of ​​the city. When he went to that house, he talked with his elder sister Jasmine. He said, ‘We are 9 brothers and sisters. i am big I don’t know why Babu was taken yesterday. I got to know this in the morning.’

In response to a question, Jasmine said, ‘Shaheen is our cousin. He was a very good man.’ After saying this, he entered the house and closed the gate.

In this regard, Jhenaidah Superintendent of Police Azim-ul-Ahsan said, ‘A team of Dhaka DB came. They took Kazi Kamal Ahmed Babu. However, they did not say anything about any case or incident. Just told us that we are being taken for questioning. They did not say whether they were detained or not.

Mumtarin Ferdous Doreen, daughter of the slain MP Anwarul Azim Anar, said, ‘I don’t know anything about this. It’s no use asking me.’

Aktaruzzaman Shaheen’s brother and mayor of Kotchandpur municipality Sahiduzzaman Salim said, ‘We are Babu’s cousins. But not very related.’

District Awami League’s organizing secretary Asaduzzaman Asad said, since it is a matter under investigation, no comment can be made unless specific information is received from the law and order forces.

Abdullah Al Masood/SR/ASM