Bamzat protests by rejecting the budget

Bamzot protested in Gaibandha terming the budget as anti-people. On Saturday (June 8) noon, a protest came out from Railgate No. 1 in Gaibandha town and circled the town. They announced the rejection of the budget.

A rally was held after the protest. It was presided over by Comrade Revati Burman, coordinator of Left Democratic Alliance and Secretary of Revolutionary Communist League Gaibandha district.

BASAD (Marxist) Gaibandha district convener Comrade Ahsanul Habib Saeed, BASAD district member secretary Comrade Sukumar Modak CPB district deputy general secretary Comrade Murad Zaman Rabbani, member Abdullah Adil Nannu, BASAD (Marxist) district committee member Comrade Nilufar Yasmin Shilpi and others spoke on the occasion. .

The speakers said that the government has approved a budget of about eight lakh crore rupees, the lion’s share of which will come from the direct and indirect taxes of the common, working, working people of this country. There are no opportunities for those people, they will only collect money and the rich will enjoy. In this budget, education-health-social protection has been given little allocation, but the allocation has increased in the public administration and defense sectors.

Also, there is no specific plan on how the ongoing economic crisis, huge foreign exchange deficit, reserve loss, dollar appreciation, high inflation etc. structural problems will be dealt with in this foreign debt dependent budget.

They also said that the horrors of corruption that have emerged, including the murder of Aziz-Benazir-Anna, are very dangerous. However, corruption is being further encouraged by keeping black money white in the budget proposal. 30 percent tax on legitimate income and 15 percent tax on black money. As a result, corruption and inequality will increase in the society.

They demanded immediate withdrawal of this anti-people budget from the assembly.