Bangladesh stopped Australia by two goals

Last year on November 16 in Melbourne, Australia started the goal festival in the fourth minute. The Socceroos went into the break leading 4-0 in the first match of the World Cup qualifiers. In the end, the 6-time World Cup team left the field with a huge 7-0 victory at home.

How many goals will be given to the net of Bangladesh in Dhaka in the last 16 of the World Cup in Qatar after losing to Argentina? That was the curiosity of the audience. However, Bangladesh lost 2-0 in the home match at King’s Arena on Thursday. In 2015, Australia returned from Dhaka with a 4-0 win.

Bangladesh has played a completely defensive strategy. Bangladesh is successful in that strategy. Fears that the Socceroos would put the match aside did not happen.

The visitors had to wait until 28 minutes for a goal. Unfortunately, Bangladesh had to fall behind with a suicide goal. Today, Rustic’s shot hit Bangladeshi defender Mehedi Hasan Mithu’s leg and changed direction, and the ball took shelter in Bangladesh’s net.

Bangladesh went into the break trailing by that one goal. The goal was not to widen the gap; But that strategy did not last long in the face of the Australian onslaught. In the 62nd minute, the visitors made it 2-0 with a cross from Jordan Boss, headed by Kuseni.

Five on defense. The coach kept only Morsalin and Rakib in front. The two forwards received the ball a couple of times per attack. However, Rakib-Morsalin could not take a proper shot.

The field was wet. It was a bit heavy. Normal play was a bit of a problem for the Australian players. Even the Bangladeshi players lost control at times.

Bangladesh conceded 16 goals to Australia in the previous three matches. Compared to that, Cabrera’s team struggled a lot in this match. It is good if the positive result of this fight is used in the next match. Bangladesh will play the last match of the group against Lebanon on June 11 in Qatar. And the last match of Australia winning 5 matches in a row is against Palestine on the same day in Perth.