Barca wonder boy in front of four records

The Euro Championship is one of the biggest and most prestigious events in international football. This fight for the superiority of the European countries is starting after three days. Spain will enter the field on the second day of the 24-nation tournament, which starts in Germany on June 14. The three-time champions’ first match is against Croatia. Lamine Yamal, the youngest footballer of the team, will make history if he enters the field in this match in Berlin.

Barcelona’s prodigy stands in front of not one, but four Euro Championship records. The 16-year-old forward proved his worth in the Barcelona jersey last season. Has also established himself as an essential player for Barcelona. He became the youngest player in the national team jersey to score in European Championship qualification.

If coach Yamal plays in Spain’s first match against Croatia at the Euro Championship, he will break Poland’s Kozlowski’s record. He played in the 2021 Euro Championship at the age of 17 years and 246 days.

Last season Yamal became the youngest player to score a goal in a Barcelona jersey. He was then 16 years and 2 months old. If he scores at the Euros, Yamal will become the youngest player to score in the competition’s history.

The current record holder is Yohan Volnanthen of Switzerland. He scored in the Euro Championship in 2004 at the age of 18 years and 140 days.

If Spain reach the final and Yamal plays in that match, he will become the youngest player to play in a Euro Championship final. The final will be on July 14. Yamal will turn 17 the day before that. Earlier, Portugal’s Renato Sanchez set a record as the youngest footballer to play in the final. He played the final at the age of 18 years and 11 months.

Naturally, if Yamal plays in the final and scores, he will become the youngest player in history to score a goal in the final. Italy’s Pierto Anastasi scored at the age of 20, 68, and 3 in the 1968 Euro Championship final.

The 16-year-old Barcelona forward is one of the few young and talented footballers to watch ahead of the tournament. This footballer, who developed in the youth academy of Barcelona, ​​has already played 7 matches in the national team and scored two goals. He played 38 matches in Barcelona’s senior team and scored 5 goals.