Conflict over money sharing; Azad, a member of the bandits, was killed by the bandits

Azahar alias Azad (33) went missing on December 14, 2018 after leaving his elder brother Shajahan’s house. His family informed the police after searching for him. Then news came that a dead body was floating on the east side of Aminbazar Hijla Turag river.

After identifying the body recovered on December 17, 2018 as Azad, Md. Shajahan (35) became the plaintiff and filed a case against the unknown accused at Savar Model Police Station.

While investigating the case, PBI arrested some people. According to PBI, Azad was killed by a member of the dacoit group due to a dispute over the sharing of robbery money. Those involved in the incident are the inter-district bandit leader Mujibar Akon alias Ace (49) and his two associates Ruhul Amin Ledu (43) and Samim Hossain (33).

Conflict over money sharing;  Azad, a member of the bandits, was killed by the bandits

Azad was an active member of the same Dalan. He was brutally murdered with chapati and kachi. His body was later dumped in the Turag River.

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    Robbery in two houses in Sonargaon, goods worth 10 lakh rupees looted
    The accused was arrested, the stolen goods were not recovered

After the arrest of Dakat Sardar Mujibar Akon alias Ace and his accomplice Samim Hossain, the PBI Dhaka district has disclosed these sensational information.

On Monday (June 10) in a press conference at the capital’s Dhanmondi PBI headquarters, PBI Dhaka district unit in-charge Police Superintendent Md. Kudrat-e-Khuda.

He said that a case was filed in Savar police station regarding the recovery of Azad’s body. After that PBI Dhaka district took over the investigation of the case.

A smart team of PBI Dhaka district under the leadership of SI Shahidul Islam, the investigating officer of the case, unraveled the mystery of this murder six years ago with tireless efforts. Mujibar Akon alias Tekka, involved in the incident, was arrested from his rented house in Majukhan Bagertek area of ​​Pubail Police Station, Gazipur Metropolitan. Later, based on the information given by him, associate Samim Hossain was arrested from Shahali police station area of ​​DMP. When both the arrested were handed over to the court, they gave a voluntary confessional statement.

Superintendent of Police Kudrat-e-Khuda said based on the court statement and review of the information obtained during the investigation, they are active members of an organized inter-district dacoit gang. They had been committing robberies for a long time in the Turag river of Savar and Ashulia police station areas. Azad, the victim of the case, was himself an active member of the gang. On the day of the incident (December 14) after 11:00 p.m., everyone along with Azad left for Ashulia from Gabtali Ghat area of ​​Turag river with a trawler for robbery.

He said that after going some distance, the robber Sardar Mujibar Akon alias Ace (49) and Ruhul Amin alias Ledur started arguing with Azad about the sharing of money from the previous robbery. At one stage of the argument, when a fight started between them, Ledu gave Azad three consecutive blows on the head from behind with a sharp big scissors. Later, Mujibar also confirmed his death by chopping him with chapati. After that they threw the dead body in the river Turag and ran away.

Conflict over money sharing;  Azad, a member of the bandits, was killed by the bandits

The PBI official also said that so far nine cases have been filed against the head of the organized dacoity gang, Mujibar Akan alias Tekkar, and three cases against Ruhul Amin.

He also said that Ruhul Amin is currently in jail after being sentenced for life in a murder case. The information of a robbery case has been found against the arrested Samim Hossain. Dakat Sardar Mujibar’s own brother Anwar Hossain Shamim is also an active member of their bandits. Three cases have been filed against him.

Dakat Sardar Mujibar and Shamim were children of very poor families. Their financial condition was very poor. But now they are building their empire with the money of robbery and extortion. He built a huge fish farm at home with the robbery money. Construction of duplex house has started.

Dakat Sardar Mujibar got married for the second time in 2017 due to not getting along with his first wife. After committing crime in Dhaka, he went to his second wife in Gazipur and lived in hiding in a safe haven. They had been robbing and robbing various cargo trawlers, sand-bearing volgates and other vessels in Savar, Ashulia and Gazipur parts of Turag River for a long time.

If someone refused to pay the subscription, they would rob those trawlers with weapons at night. They used to beat up the people of the trawler and steal their money and valuables from the trawler.