Costs have gone up in the new curriculum, children are not even getting time to sleep

The parents have come to the field again to demand the cancellation or reform of the new curriculum. On Monday (June 10) at 12:30 noon, parents formed a human chain in front of the main gate of Vikarunnisa Noon School and College on Bailey Road in the capital.

This human chain started at 12:30 noon on this day. In the program which lasted for over an hour, the parents elaborated on why the new curriculum is not suitable and how it is affecting the students and parents. Besides, they urged the protesting parents to listen to their opinions without harassing them.

The parents said that the students and parents of the country are not yet ready for the new curriculum. The education cost of the child has increased in this education program. Although the government has promised to reduce the cost, it is not possible in reality. Besides, children are forced to stay up all night for various tasks including assignments, projects, presentations. Children are getting sick.

Tahera Akhter Rupa, mother of a class VII student of Vikarunnisa School in Manabbandhan, said that teachers, students and parents are not ready for the new curriculum. I am a parent who graduated from university. I also don’t understand many things. Our expenses have gone up a lot since the introduction of the new curriculum. Many things including pictures have to be printed as school assignments or projects. Children do not have time to sleep while preparing reading. What kind of education system?

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He said, if the education minister had a meeting with the parents, we could have explained the problems to him. Basically many things are happening in the invisible of the Prime Minister. He may not know much. So appeal to the Prime Minister, you talk to the parents and look into the issues.

Another parent named Marjan Akhter said that due to the new curriculum, students are moving away from basic education. Going to class at 7 am with less sleep at night. The reality does not match with Maushi’s (Department of Secondary and Higher Education) guidelines on recycle paper. Students have to buy a lot of educational materials.

Parents in human chains, new education costs have increased, children are not even getting time to sleep

He said, we do not want to cancel the new curriculum. We are saying that the new curriculum has to be institutionally appropriate. Must be contemporary and practical. Especially the assessment is still unclear. This should be clarified. Parents need to be involved in education like teachers.

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Another person named Khaleda Akhtar said that the parents are aware about the new curriculum. Consciously everyone wants to cancel this curriculum and keep the competitive exam system. Or be restarted. This is what everyone will say when the education minister sits down to take the opinion of the parents.

Hamida Parveen, Al-Asma-ul Hosna, Ahsane Takbeem and Rita Azad Shanti, parents of Vikarunnisa Noon School and College, also spoke at the human chain.

Navkumar school parent Muslim Bin Hai, Mirpur Bangla School and College parent Zakaria Rajib and Bangladesh Women’s Mukti Center President Seema Dutta spoke in solidarity in the program.