Defamation of wife in the name of medical treatment, stabbing to death of Kaviraj

The accused Rubel Mia (23) and his accomplice Sohel Rana (20) have been arrested by the police for their involvement in the murder of a Kaviraj named Abdur Razzak Rajai (50) in Chuadanga.

Superintendent of Police RM Faizur Rahman informed the matter at a press conference at the Police Superintendent’s office on Tuesday (June 4).

The accused have given a confessional statement in the court under section 164, admitting responsibility for killing Abdur Razzak to avenge the dishonour.

The arrested persons are Rubel Mia, son of Abdur Selim of Subdia village of Sadar Upazila and Sohel Rana (20), son of Anis of the same area. The sharp knife used in the incident, the motorcycle and the mobile phone used by the victim have been recovered.

Defamation of wife in the name of medical treatment, stabbing to death of Kaviraj

According to the police, Abdur Razzak used to treat people by singing. Accused Rubel Mia and his wife went to him for treatment. On Friday (May 31) evening, Abdur Razzak took Rubel and his wife to a secluded place near Pan Barj in Navaganga Bridge area of ​​Hogledanga village of Sadar police station, after promising to treat them through gin. Later sent the accused to the shop to get cigarettes. After some time Rubel Mia returned and did not find Kabiraj Razzak and his wife. Later he called his wife’s mobile phone and was disconnected.

At one stage of the search, Rubel became suspicious of Mia after seeing his wife. Later, when he came home and interrogated his wife, she admitted that Abdur Razzak Kabiraji defamed her in the name of giving treatment. Later that night, Rubel called Abdur Razzak with his associate Sohel Rana. Later took him on a motorcycle and killed him with a sharp knife. Police recovered the body of Abdur Razzak from the field next to the new Bhandardah-Jugirhuda road of Chuadanga Sadar Upazila on Saturday (June 1) morning.

Hussain Malik/SR/MS