Doctors should retain the dignity of the apron

The Minister of Health and Family Welfare congratulated the students by mentioning that it is a difficult and hard work to get admission in the medical college. Samant Lal Sen.

Dhaka Medical College Dr. on Wednesday (June 5) morning. Health Minister Dr. in the orientation of first year students of MBBS in Milon Auditorium. Samant Lal Sen said this.

He said, doctors are born with the blessings of God. You must maintain the dignity of the doctor’s apron. For this, you should study properly and develop yourself as a qualified doctor. Discipline must be followed.

He also urged the students to use the unlimited opportunities that the digital system brings in education to make themselves competent and qualified.

The Health Minister said that the Accreditation Council has been created to facilitate students to study abroad and various efforts are underway for students to easily study abroad and make themselves competent and prosperous.

Doctors should retain the dignity of the apron

Dr. Samant Lal Sen said, I recently went on an official visit to UK and Switzerland. Wherever I have been, I have seen that everyone has a positive perception of the quality of Bangladeshi healthcare and doctors abroad. The health care of Bangladesh has been widely praised and appreciated by the health ministers and representatives of different countries in various events of the World Health Organization.

The community clinic developed under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is now recognized as a role model in the health sector all over the world. We have to hold on to it. By increasing the quality of health care, the quality of doctors, and the quality of education, the health care sector of Bangladesh should be improved to such a level that it becomes a shining example in the whole world.

Secretary of Health Education and Family Welfare Department was also present at the event. Azizur Rahman, Secretary General of the Independence Medical Council (Swachip) Dr. Dr. Kamrul Hasan Milon, President of the Freedom Physicians Council (Swachip). Jamal Uddin Chowdhury, President of Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA). Mustafa Jalal Mohiuddin, Dhaka Medical College Principal Professor Dr. Md. Shafikul Alam Chowdhury, Director General of the Department of Health Education Professor Dr. Md. Tito.