‘Education Minister is not Minister of Common Students’

“The education minister who thinks it is necessary to have quota system in government jobs, that education minister is not the minister of ordinary students” said the students protesting against the restoration of quota.

The protestors made such comments at the rally held at the foot of the anti-terrorist Raju sculpture of Dhaka University (DU) on Sunday (June 9) in protest against the restoration of quota.

Moazzem Hossain, a student of DU’s biochemistry department, said in the rally, “We respect the court’s verdict and reject it.” I respect the High Court, but I cannot accept the judgment which goes against us, against the student society, against the interests of the country. At the same time, the education minister said that it is important to have a quota system. I think that education minister is not the minister of ordinary students. We want to say that he was not made a minister for a few students.

He said that the spirit of the liberation war was equality, human dignity and equality. The ideals of the liberation war have been destroyed through the quota system. We respect the freedom fighters who liberated the country with their blood, sweat and labor. We have recently seen that the allowance of freedom fighters has been increased from 20 thousand to 30 thousand. We are not against it. Government can take action in their need. But the sympathy being shown to their second and third generation, the quota being given is an ominous sign for the future of Bangladesh. We will step back from what we are trying to build a merit-based Bangladesh.

'Education Minister is not Minister of Common Students'

Earlier, common students gathered in front of the central library of Dhaka University at 11 am. Then they protested there for a while. A procession started from the front of the library and went around the various roads of the campus to meet at Raju-Vashkar.

At that time, the students said, ‘There is no room for discrimination in the Bengal of liberation war’, ‘No quota system, no man’, ‘Medha na kota- medha medha’, ‘There is no place for quota in the spirit of the liberation war’, ‘Let the tools of the 18th rise again’, etc. He started chanting.