Garment worker injured by robber’s stabbing

Tongi Bisik Industrial City area of ​​Dhaka was stabbed by a robber. A garment worker named Roni (24) was seriously injured. The accident happened on Tuesday (June 4) around 3:30 pm.

He was rescued and taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital with serious injuries.

Shah Alam, the friend who brought him, said that the injured Roni is a garment worker by profession. In the afternoon, Tongi was walking through Bisik Industrial City area when he was stopped by 3-4 robbers. Later, when he tried to take the mobile phone and money from him, Roni stopped him. Enraged by this, he stabbed Roni in the back.

By his scream, the people around came running. He was then taken to a hospital. If the condition worsened, he was taken to Dhaka Medical for better treatment.

Inspector in charge of Dhaka Medical College Hospital Police Camp. Bachchu Mia confirmed the matter and said that a garment worker from Tongi area came to Dham after being stabbed. He is being treated.