‘He who can unite the team should be the captain’

After losing to the United States in the first match of the World Cup, Pakistan has to see the reverse of the coin. Pakistan cricket team is criticized from all sides. The lack of unity within the party has also been seen by many. And former Pakistani captain and 2009 T20 World Cup winning cricketer Shahid Afridi raised his finger towards that.

In an interview given to Pakistan’s local TV channel ‘Sama TV’, Shahid Afridi said, ‘Mohammed Wasim is doing a great job as a selector. But Wasim is not aware of many things. Even I know many things, which have not come to light. But important is the captain’s management. He will unite the party. He alone can divide or unite the party. The coach and other assistants will come later.’

Shaheen Shah Afridi is the son-in-law of Shahid Afridi’s daughter. And Shaheen was Pakistan’s T20 captain. Babar Azam was again given the captaincy after only one series. Shahid Afridi also clarified the matter in his own words.

Shahid Afridi said, ‘I don’t want to go deep. Because, if I talk about Shaheen, they will think I am talking about my daughter’s son-in-law. But if something bad happens, even if it is my relative, I will not hesitate to say it. But to be honest our veterans, selectors and board members have made many mistakes in the past.’

Currently, Shahid Afridi is staying in USA to enjoy T20 World Cup. Even the ICC has chosen this former Pakistani cricketer as a goodwill ambassador for this ongoing tournament.

After Afridi’s criticism, Pakistan lost to India on Sunday. Batting only for a target of 120 runs, Pakistan stopped at 113 for 7 wickets.