‘I thought I was going to die like Abrar Fahad’

A resident student of Jessore University of Science and Technology (Yabiprabi) has been accused of torture to withdraw a written complaint about the beating incident. He is currently undergoing treatment at Jessore General Hospital.

The incident took place in the room of Chhatra League president Sohel Rana (number 306) in Shaheed Masiur Rahman dormitory of the university on Tuesday (June 4) late at night.

The victim alleged that his supporters led by Sohail Rana tortured him. The victim Shahreen Rahman Praloy (24) is a fourth year student of the physical education and sports science department of the university.

In this incident, the victim student gave a verbal complaint to the university administration. The Vice-Chancellor has assured to investigate the matter and take action. Anwar Hossain.

According to university and victim student sources, on Monday (June 3), Shahreen was beaten by physical education and sports science 2028-19 academic year student and campus student league president Sohel Rana’s follower Shaheenur Rahman during a football game on campus. Shahreen complained to the proctor against Shahinur in this incident. As a result of this incident, Shahreen was woken up from her dorm room at around 2 o’clock on Tuesday and taken to the BCL president’s room. At that time the President of Chhatra League along with some of his followers were present.

Shahreen was repeatedly beaten and beaten with rods. The torture continued from 2 am to 5 am. The accused took away the phones of Shahreen and her roommate (classmate) Aminul Islam so that the victims could not report the incident to anyone. At one stage Shahreen went home to Kaliganj Barobazar village on Wednesday morning, fearing that the incident would be known. At noon his mother’s phone received a call from an unknown number. Threats were made not to inform anyone about the matter. The duo even threatened to bomb the house if anyone was told about it.

The victim student Shahreen said, ‘On Monday I filed a written complaint about the incident. In this incident, BHA activists Aminul Islam and Siam were called to his room by the order of campus BHA president Sohel Rana Bhai at 2 am. As soon as I entered the president’s room, about 10-15 people including Chhatra League leader Ashikuzzaman Limon, Isad, Raihan Rahman Rabbi, Belal Hossain, Sheikh Bipul, Raisul Haque Rana started beating me. I fell on the floor of the room. Then they started kicking me. They kept telling me why did you give a written complaint to the proctor? They took away my mobile phone. At one stage they started beating me all over with a thick rod. The torture continued until 5 am. I thought I was going to die like Abrar Fahad of Buet.’

“I hug the feet of Chhatra League President Sohel Rana Bhai to save my life and urge him to live. At that time Sohail Rana said, ‘Remove the complaint by tomorrow, otherwise I will shoot you.’ Sohail kicked me in the chest and threw me on the floor. He told me to pack my bags and go home as soon as it dawned.

In the hospital, he said in a tearful voice, ‘I and my family are suffering from insecurity. The accused are threatening to bomb my family. I want justice for this incident.’

However, denying the allegations, Yabi Prabi Chhatra League President Sohel Rana said that there are various grouping conflicts in the Chhatra League. In these groups, misinformation is being spread in my name again and again.

He also said that what happened in the campus centered around the football game, was limited to the field. I was not in the campus on the day of the incident. I was outside Jessore. I entered the hostel around 3 pm on Tuesday. Politically I am a victim of revenge.

Yabi Prabi Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Anwar Hossain said, ‘I have come to see the victim student. He complained to me. He alleged that Chhatra League leader Sohel Rana and his supporters carried out the torture. The incident will be investigated and action will be taken against those involved.

Milan Rahman/SR