If action is not taken, those who are still in Benji will get Askara

Opposition Chief Whip Mujibul Haque Chunnu has demanded serious action regarding the corruption of former IGP Benazir Ahmed.

He made this demand on Wednesday (June 5) on the point of order in the National Parliament session. Deputy Speaker. In the session presided over by Shamsul Haque Tuku, Mujibul Haque read out an editorial published in a national daily about the irregularities and corruption of Benazir Ahmed.

Highlighting the huge wealth of Benazir in different parts of the country, he said, ‘If action is not taken, those who are Benazir will get Askara.’

He said, ‘What a strange thing! When an opposition leader goes abroad for medical treatment, they are detained at the airport for at least two hours. And such a person will go abroad, the government will not know, it cannot happen. So many forces, so many agencies, what news do they keep?

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General Secretary of Jatiya Party Chunnu said, ‘When Benjir was DG of RAB and Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, he bought land by scaring many of the Hindu community. A few days ago, he withdrew 80 crores from the bank and went abroad. The Home Minister said that he did not know whether Benazir Ahmed had gone abroad or not. Why does he not know? This man who is the talk of the town has crossed immigration, the immigration authorities have not informed the government, then all the employees should be fired.’

Drawing the attention of the government, Mujibul Haque said, ‘People will not accept it if the government is not responsible. Because Benazir Ahmed has been promoted and posted during the tenure of this government. During the tenure of this government, he has built these resources by corruption. His corruption has been proven.’