In summer, the phone can explode due to mistakes

It is very important to take care of electronic devices in extreme heat. During this time, phone explosions are the most common. But heat doesn’t mean your phone might explode. Forgetting to use the phone damages the phone’s battery. As a result, the phone may explode.

Let’s find out which of your usage mistakes can cause the phone to explode-

>> Many people charge extra phone charges. Do not charge the phone for a long time. How long it takes to charge depends on the capacity of each phone’s battery. So don’t keep it charged for more than 2-4 hours.

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>> Don’t talk while the phone is charging. Now the temperature is so hot, if the phone is charging it gets hot, if you make a call on it, it puts a strain on the phone’s battery.

>> If a phone battery is damaged, do not force it. Change it quickly. Many times you will see fluid coming out from some parts of the back of the phone, in that case be aware and replace the phone as soon as possible.

>> Don’t talk on the phone for hours. This can cause problems. Give the phone a rest. Let cool. Otherwise the possibility of danger will increase.

>> Don’t leave your phone in the sun when you are busy with work. Suppose you are somewhere where it is sunny, maybe you forgot to put your phone near your hand, don’t do that. It can increase the problem of the phone.

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