Iran’s presidential election: 6 candidates announced

The names of six candidates have been finally announced to compete in the 14th presidential election of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The candidates are Masoud Pezeshkian, Mostafa Pourmohammadi, Saeed Jalili, Ali Reza Zakani, Amir Hossein Kazizadeh Hashemi and Mohammad Baker Kolibaf.

The names of these six candidates were officially announced by the country’s Ministry of Interior on Sunday (June 9). 80 politicians who wanted to run in this year’s election registered with Iran’s Guardian Council.

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After the scrutiny, the candidature of six people was finalized and sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs. After that, the Ministry of Home Affairs officially announced the names of the candidates.

It is known that Masoud Pezeshkian is a Member of Parliament and the Minister of Health and Medicine during the regime of Mohammad Khatami. Mostafa Purmohammadi was the Minister of Justice in Hassan Rouhani’s government.

Dr. Saeed Jalili is Iran’s former chief nuclear negotiator and member of Iran’s policy-making council. He withdrew from the 13th presidential election in support of Ibrahim Raisi.

Ali Reza Zakani is the mayor of Tehran and a former presidential candidate. He also withdrew from the contest in the last election by supporting Ibrahim Raisi.

Moreover, Sayyed Amir Hossain Kazizade Hashemi has been elected member of parliament several times. Mohammad Baker Kolibaf is the former mayor of Tehran and the current Speaker of the Parliament of Iran.

The election process started after President Ibrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian were killed in a helicopter crash on May 19.

According to Articles 131 and 132 of the Iranian Constitution, a new president must be elected within a maximum of 50 days if a president dies or becomes incapacitated.

Iran’s Ministry of Interior holds the main responsibility of organizing and conducting elections. However, the responsibility of scrutinizing the candidature lies with the Guardian or Guardian Council. The election campaign will start from June 12 and will continue till June 27. Presidential elections will be held in Iran on June 28 (Friday).

Source: PressToday, PressTV