Is it better to drink tea bags?

Liquor or colored tea is instantly prepared by dipping the tea bag in hot water. However, drinking tea bags is good for the body? Let’s find out-

The danger of microplastics

Some tea bags are made of nylon or PET. When it is steeped in hot water or milk, some of the plastic dissolves into the tea. Which increases the risk of various diseases.

Damage from fluoride

Fluoride comes from the soil in green tea leaves. So these leaves are specially processed. However, fluoride can remain in tea bags. Which in excess can cause fluorosis, bone loss, fatigue, osteoporosis, joint pain.

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Fear of pesticides

Pesticides may remain in the tea leaves when they are picked and filled into tea bags. These pesticides can also cause multiple health hazards. In addition to stomach diseases, liver and kidney diseases can occur.

Dangers of aluminum metal

Tea bags usually last for a long time. Aluminum compound is mixed in the tea bag to keep it fresh for a long time. This metal can cause multiple damage to the body. Alzheimer’s disease can also be a serious brain disease.

There is also a risk of cancer

This aluminum metal compound is a carcinogen, which can increase the risk of cancer.

A recent study by Plymouth University found that tea bags are also harmful to the environment. Because the bags that are made as biodegradable or biodegradable, the number of non-degradable bags is more. When they fall into the soil, they do not mix, but cause pollution. It can also harm aquatic life if it enters watercourses.

Source: ABP News