Is it permissible to sell sacrificial animals by weight?

In the cattle farms of our country, there is a practice of selling animals by determining the price according to the live weight of the animal. Many Qurbani markets now also have digital scales to measure the weight of animals and offer the opportunity to buy animals by weight.

The live weight of the animal can be used to estimate the value of the animal or the quantity of its meat, but not with certainty. So if the meat is sold according to the animal’s live weight, it will not be permissible. For example, if the live weight of an animal is 150 kg, it will not be permissible if 90 kg of meat is sold at the rate of 500 taka per kg, excluding 40 percent of it as waste.

But if the live weight is used as a means of estimating the value, the price being determined by the agreement of the buyer and seller by looking at the animal at its live weight, then the sale will be permissible. As the buyer likes an animal, the price per kg of the cow is determined and then the price is determined with the consent of the buyer and seller after seeing the live weight, then this sale will be valid.

Because in this case, the meat of the cow or goat was not bought and sold as a weight, but the cow was weighed to estimate its value and the buyer agreed to buy the cow after tasting it.

All the animals that can be sacrificed
Six types of cattle can be sacrificed. Camels, cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep and goats. Sacrifice cannot be done with any animal that is halal to eat. For example, although eating deer is halal, it cannot be sacrificed with deer.

A maximum of seven people can participate in the sacrifice of camel, cow and buffalo. That is, an animal sacrifice from one, two, three to a maximum of seven persons may be sufficient. In that case, seven people will be equal partners in buying the animal and share the meat equally.

Goat, sheep, dumba are three animals that can be sacrificed on behalf of one person.

The age of the sacrificial animal
It is necessary for the animal to pass a certain age limit for sacrifice. Animals of any age cannot be sacrificed.

For camel sacrifice it should be at least 5 years old. Cows and buffaloes should be at least 2 years old. Goats, sheep and goats must be at least 1 year old. It is permissible to sacrifice sheep and goats if they are less than 1 year old, but are strong enough to look like they are 1 year old. In such cases, sheep and goats should be at least 6 months old.

It should be noted that if the age of the goat is less than 1 year, the sacrifice with that goat will not be permissible under any circumstances.