Killing the child by burying his face in mud after rape

RAB-4 arrested Al Amin (22), the mastermind of the body recovery and murder, a day after seven-year-old child Jisan went missing in Dhaka’s Dhamrai.

Company commander of RAB-4 CPC-2 Lieutenant Rakib Mahmud Khan gave this information in a press conference at RAB camp in Savar’s Nabinagar on Tuesday (June 11) afternoon. Earlier, the accused was arrested on Monday afternoon.

Arrested Al Amin is the son of deceased Ismail of Jaira village of Manikganj Sadar police station. He lives in a rented house with his family in Dhamrai Kalampur area.

The deceased child Jisan Hasan Rabbi lived with his parents in Kalampur Bazar area of ​​Dhamrai. His father Jewel Rana is a hotel worker in Kalampur.

According to RAB, the victim’s father filed a complaint at RAB-4 Savar camp regarding the disappearance of a seven-year-old child on June 9. The child’s body was recovered from the jungle near a graveyard near Kalampur Bazar in Dhamrai on Monday afternoon. The suspect involved in the child’s murder was arrested after conducting a shadow investigation in that incident.

During interrogation, the detainee said that he saw a silver chain around the neck of the child in the Kalampur area on June 9. At that time, he lured him to eat chocolate and took him to the forest and took off the silver chain from his neck. To hide the incident, they wrapped the rope of the child’s pants around his neck and pressed the child’s head under the muddy ground to ensure his death. Later he fled from the spot with the silver chain.

Lieutenant Rakib Mahmud Khan said that the arrested Al Amin is a thief by profession. Apart from theft, he is also involved in robberies and robberies. The accused regularly consumes heroin, yaba and ganja. In order to collect drug money, he stole, robbed and robbed in various surrounding areas including Dhamrai, Ashulia, Savar. Even last 5-6 months he was caught in theft case.

Mahfuzur Rahman Nipu/FA/JIM