Land development tax collection period will be from 1st July to 30th June

Henceforth the collection period of land development tax will be from July 1 to June 30 in coordination with the national financial year.

Minister of Lands Narayan Chandra Chand gave this information at the opening ceremony of Bhoomiseva Week organized at Biam Foundation Auditorium in the capital on Saturday (June 9).

Addressing the chief guest at the event, the land minister said, ‘In the past, the period of collection of land development tax was from 1 Baisakh to 30 Chaitra (Bangabda) of every year. We believe that the current change in tax collection period will make the land development tax collection process more fair, transparent and effective. I strongly believe, this new system will strengthen our country’s land revenue collection system and bring dynamics in revenue collection.’

He said, ‘Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has set a specific goal of building a smart Bangladesh. Under its overall direction, the Ministry of Land is moving forward with a smart plan of land management to ensure the best use of land and people-friendly services related to land.

“Different initiatives of the Ministry of Lands, including digitization of land services, are directly and indirectly playing an important role in ensuring women’s rights, increasing food security, protecting the environment and combating the effects of climate change. Also, these initiatives have played a leading role in raising the awareness of the country’s citizens about land rights. People will become confident and aware if they can ensure their own land rights. It will help in improving their standard of living.’

Narayan Chandra Chand said that there are more than 64 million land ownership information online. Bangladesh Postal Department has so far delivered more than 800,000 khatians to citizens’ addresses through the Postal Department. If you apply directly from abroad by calling 09612316122 or directly through Bhumiseva portal or ‘e-Khatian’ mobile app, there is a system to send certified copies of Khatian and Mouza maps to the respective addresses of citizens in 192 countries. As soon as the land is registered from a khatian, arrangements are being made to display a series of new khatians created successively from the original khatian through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Minister of Lands said that an action plan has been adopted to establish smart land services by 2041, “There will be no division of land, no litigation over land. Boundary disputes will be almost nil, citizens will not have to go to land office unless necessary, all land information will be available through NID. Certificate of Land Ownership or CLO will be available upon purchase of land. Wherever digital survey is completed once, there will be no need for survey in future.’

In the event, the land minister unveiled the covers of three books, ‘Bhoomi Amar Adresha, Smart Bhumi Seba Smart Citizen’, ‘Identification, Rescue and Management Activities of Khaszami in Dhaka District’, ‘Jalmahal Sambari in Dhaka District’.

Land Secretary. Under the chairmanship of Khalilur Rahman, Chairman of Land Appeal Board AKM Shamimul Haque Chiddiki, Chairman of Land Reform Board Md. Abdus Sabur Mandal, Director General of Land Records and Survey Directorate Anis Mahmud, Divisional Commissioner of Dhaka. Sabirul Islam and Dhaka Deputy Commissioner Anisur Rahman.