Pakistan coach does not see the fault of the pitch in the loss to India

Chasing a target of only 120 runs, Pakistan could not win the match. Babar Azam’s team lost by 6 runs despite defeating arch-rival India.

At this rate in the fight for status, echoes are coming towards Pakistan from all sides. Many are also blaming the pitch. However, the Pakistan coach disagreed with this. He does not see the responsibility of Pakistan’s pitch at such a rate.

The Nassau Count Cricket Stadium pitch has become the most talked about World Cup this year. The main reason for this is the peculiar behavior of the pitch.

Pakistan head coach Gary Kersten said, ‘I didn’t think it was bad. Some balls bounced a little, but not all. But the ball has come a little low. We were able to chase this run. The field was a bit slow though. But it is not such a big goal.’

Earlier, Sri Lanka complained to the ICC about the New York pitch. Kirsten said, ‘140 is a very good run on this pitch. India could not score this run. There will always be sixes and fours, not 230-240. 120 runs can be an enjoyable match. So I don’t think this pitch is that bad.’