Plastic waste deposit is a gift

In Kurigram, the impact of climate change and the protection of the balance of the environment, plastic waste is collected only by depositing trees and books. A voluntary organization called ‘Fight Until Light’ has taken this initiative to prevent pollution and protect the beauty of the environment.

The organization will distribute tree saplings in College Mor area of ​​the city in exchange for used plastic for three days from Friday (June 7) morning. To create public awareness, the organization’s executive director Md. announced the program named ‘Submit abandoned plastic materials and get trees and books as gifts’. Abdul Quader

Received gifts by depositing used plastic waste. Noor Islam said, plastic bottles are available everywhere. I did not think that I would get books and trees in return. I feel very good. Through this we are encouraged to create a beautiful and clean environment.

The executive director of the organization. Abdul Quader said that various wastes including plastic are thrown on the roads. The beauty of the environment is being lost. Besides cleaning these wastes, creating public awareness is our main objective. Books and trees are being given to everyone as soon as plastic waste is deposited.
Fazlul Karim Farazi/AH