Professor Bakribi told how to recognize artificially fattened cows

The holy Eid-ul-Azha is approaching. On this day, devout worshipers will sacrifice various kinds of animals in the hope of gaining closeness to God. Using this opportunity, a kind of dishonest businessman resorted to fraud. They indulged in the sick competition of artificially fattening cows in the hope of more profit. These traders fatten cows by applying steroid injections.

But eating these beef is harmful to the body. Water accumulation in the body, decreased immunity, various problems of urinary tract and liver can occur. The professor of pharmacology department of Bangladesh Agricultural University (Bakribi) has suggested how these cows can be easily identified in the sacrificial market. Kazi Rafiqul Islam.

Professor Kazi Rafiqul Islam said, healthy animal’s color will be shiny but its hump will be thick. The skin will be taut. A healthy cow’s skin will not have any spots. If the cow is touched, the sensation will be seen at that place. A healthy cow will always be active. Even in the case of healthy cows, when they are brought to the market by walking from a long distance, the body temperature is high. But it gets fixed in one to two hours. Healthy cows will show interest and want to eat any food they see.

He said, try to buy cows that have less saliva or foam on their mouths. Healthy cows are regularly mowed. A naturally fattened animal will not yield too much meat if pressed. As much as you can give, it will immediately return to its previous state. A healthy cow’s nose will be wet or sweaty.

Professor Bakribi told how to recognize artificially fattened cows

Professor Bakrbir also suggested how to identify artificially fattened cows. He said, ‘artificially fattened cow’s body will be flabby and the amount of water in the body will be understood more. The nose will be dry. The cow will breathe frequently. He will pant for a short walk, always looking tired. The body temperature of these cows will be very high. Will not want to eat food easily, will feel hungry. Artificially fattened cows tend to drool excessively. This saliva may be foamy or non-foamy. Regular pressure will not cut.’

Professor Kazi Rafiqul Islam said, ‘artificially fattened cows grow meat unevenly in different parts of their bodies. If you press the skin with your finger, the flesh in that area will give out and it will take a long time to return to its original state. Injected beef runs are much more tender than normal beef runs. Bones will be very soft and flexible. If the cow accidentally falls, there is a risk of breaking its bones. Artificially fattened cows become heavy. Does not want to walk easily due to excessive water accumulation. Sits in one place. That’s why it’s better to get the sitting cow up and walk.’

Asif Iqbal/SR/GKS