Religion minister’s iPhone stolen from Jamalpur recovered in Malaysia

Minister of Religion Md. Faridul Haque Khan’s stolen iPhone 15 Pro Max model mobile phone has been recovered from Malaysia after a month. DB-Cyber ​​and Special Crime (North) Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police recovered it. Besides, 9 people including the mastermind of the gang involved in mobile phone theft have been arrested.

The arrestees are the ringleader Md. Zakir Hossain (40), Masud Sharif (41), Md. Ziaul Molla Zia (48), Rajib Khan Munna (22), Md. Al Amin Mia (20), Md. Anwar Hossain alias Sohail (27), Md. Russell (38), Md. Khokon Ali (36) and Md. Billal Hossain (37). At that time, DB recovered 63 stolen mobile phones and 14 SIMs of different companies from them.

On April 30, Minister of Religion went to read the funeral of the wife of an Awami League leader in Mosharrafganj of Jamalpur’s Islampur Municipality. Faridul Haque His mobile phone was stolen from his pocket during the funeral. A General Diary (GD) was made by the minister’s assistant in this incident.

DB-Cyber ​​and Special Crime (North) Department started working to recover the minister’s mobile phone. After a long investigation, the iPhone was recovered from Malaysia.

The members of the gang were arrested

Dhaka Metropolitan Intelligence Police Additional Police Commissioner Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid gave this information at a press conference organized at the DB office on Minto Road in the capital on Wednesday (June 5).

Theft of iPhone by targeting assembly-funeral
Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid said that the gangs work divided into 80 groups. Zakir led 80 groups. The gang operating in Dhaka pickpocketed and robbed. Outside Dhaka, gang members target large gatherings, funerals or public gatherings and steal iPhones. If someone is caught stealing, other members of the gang surround the victim and help them escape.

Stolen iPhones are being smuggled from Malaysia-India-Dubai
Phones stolen or stolen from different parts of the country including Dhaka are deposited with Zakir. Zakir sent expensive mobile phones (iPhones) to the gang members abroad. Especially he sent to Malaysia, India and Dubai. The mobile phone that came to Zakir was sent to the gang members in Chittagong’s Riaz Uddin Market by courier. They smuggle them from country to country.

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  • After a month, the religion minister’s iPhone was recovered

If the mobile phone is unlocked, the price is higher, if it is not unlocked, it is sold at a lower price
Haroon Or Rashid also said that first they tried to open the ‘lock’ of the stolen mobile phone. If successful after several attempts, they sell the phone at a higher price. And if the lock cannot be opened, they are sold at a low price. DB’s web-based crime investigation team has recovered hundreds of such stolen mobile phones. Nine members, including the ringleader, have been arrested.

How the minister’s iPhone was stolen
Religion Minister Faridul Haque Khan attended the funeral of a person in Mosharrafganj of Islampur Municipality on April 30. There, his iPhone 15 Pro Max model mobile phone was stolen from Punjabi’s pocket. Munna stole the mobile phone from the minister. Then it goes to Russell. Russell sold it to Borhan for Tk 50,000. Borhan then gave the mobile phone to a person named Kamruzzaman Hiru. Hiru sent the mobile phone to Malaysia. The religious minister’s stolen iPhone was brought back from Malaysia using various techniques.

DMP Additional Commissioner of Police Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid addressed the press conference

This is how gang members target bureaucrats or big government officials and politicians. When they go to any social or political gathering, they sneak away by stealing mobile phones.

Be careful before buying a mobile phone
Not to buy mobile phone from any place or person other than authorized sales center. Avoid buying old mobile phones. Don’t buy a mobile phone from someone who doesn’t have money for treatment and therefore wants to sell mobile phones on the street. Don’t buy mobile phone without receipt with full details.

A Punjabi should not keep a mobile phone in his pocket to prevent theft. Even then, in case of theft, a case of theft should be filed without giving false information. Strong password should be used to protect the information on the mobile phone.