Shahid Afridi will openly say who ruined the team after the World Cup

The condition of Pakistan team in World Cup is not good. Their position is now on the edge of the abyss in two consecutive matches. Babar Azam’s team lost by 6 runs against USA in super over and arch rival India.

Why Pakistan is not able to do well even with experienced and international quality cricketers, this is the question of every cricket lover. Because of course there is, it is clear to all.

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi said similar things. He also claimed to know many reasons behind such a state of the party. He even threatened to disclose these matters in front of everyone. But not now. After the World Cup, Afridi will say everything openly.

“He knows a lot and so do I,” local media outlet Geo News quoted Shahid Afridi as saying. But we can’t talk openly. I will speak openly after the World Cup. Our people themselves have destroyed the unity of the party.’

Shahid Afridi was also asked about daughter’s son-in-law Shaheen Shah Afridi in the interview. However, Shahid Afridi avoided this question for now. He will give details about this later.

Shahid Afridi said, ‘If I speak about something, people will say that I am supporting my son-in-law. I’m not that kind of person though. If my daughter, son or son-in-law is wrong, I will call them wrong too.’