Soham went to the police station after apologizing for the assault

Tollywood actor and Trinamool MLA Soham Chakraborty has apologized for slapping the owner of a restaurant in Kolkata’s New Town yesterday. He also said, ‘Trinamool has nothing to do with that incident.’ He also alleged that most of the CCTV footage was deleted. But Soham Chakraborty did one thing even after apologizing.

Soham Chakraborty went to New Town police station yesterday evening. There he filed a counter-complaint against the restaurant manager and owner. The owner of that restaurant also came to Techno City police station that evening.

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On this day, the police of Techno City police station went to that restaurant. The police went there and recorded the statement of the restaurant workers. That statement is accepted as a complaint. According to that statement, the police registered a complaint against Soham and some of his companions. On the other hand, Soham Chakraborty filed a complaint against the owner and manager of the restaurant in the evening.

Soham alleged that the CCTV footage of the beating was brought out. But the video of his earlier incident was not made public. Let that picture be published. Because at that time his security guards were being abused, they were also pushed. The fight started with this. The matter will be clear only when the video is made public.

Coming out of the police station, Soham said, I have told the police what happened that day. I have complained in the name of the owner and manager of the restaurant. What is being shown over and over is the inner event. Search for the previous one. Everything will become clear.

Actor and MLA Soham Chakraborty was shooting in a restaurant in Sapurji area of ​​New Town, Kolkata. Argued with the restaurant owner about parking the car there.

After that, allegations of severe beating were raised against Soham. Allegedly, he was kicked by the name of Abhishek Banerjee. Even other employees of the restaurant were beaten up. It is learned that Soham’s car was parked in front of the restaurant.

The owner of the restaurant came and asked to move the car, after which an argument started between the owner and the MLA-actor’s security guards. Hearing the screams, Soham left the shooting and came down. Allegedly, Soham beat the restaurant owner.

However, Soham claims, ‘The restaurant owner was abusing Abhishek Banerjee. That’s why I also killed.’ After this incident, the police of Technocity police station came and arrested the restaurant owner and manager and took them to the police station. They are said to have been released after a while.