‘South City will provide service within 15 minutes if given information about dengue’

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Barrister Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas has requested the people of Dhaka to give accurate and appropriate information to the health department and all related parties regarding the breeding ground of Aedes mosquito to control the dengue disease. He said at this time that there is sufficient preparation to provide related services within 15 minutes if necessary information is given.

Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas said these things in the opening ceremony of ‘special cleaning and disinfection in all government hospitals’ in the area under DSCC to control dengue disease in Dhaka Medical College Hospital premises on Sunday (June 10).

DSCC Mayor said, we are conducting a joint campaign with mosquito killers and cleaners to destroy Aedes mosquito breeding grounds and control dengue disease. As we clean up we also destroy mosquito larvae. But we can completely control the spread of Aedes mosquitoes by destroying the larvae. That’s why I call everyone, please help us with information. We are ready to serve within 15 minutes of receiving the information.

Requesting everyone to be aware of Mashkanidhan, Mayor Sheikh Tapas said, our regular activities are ongoing in Mashkanidhan. We have sufficient quality pesticides, equipment and manpower at the field level for this work. But we are requested to provide information related to the courtyard, roof and surroundings of the house if there is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The more information we get, the more effective our operations will be on the ground. We can make the pest control program more effective.

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At that time, in response to a question from journalists regarding the provision of insufficient information on dengue patients and the comments of concerned persons, Mayor Sheikh Tapas said that the City Corporation is fully aware of its responsibilities and is fulfilling them properly at the field level. Check the data of other countries of the world. Many countries have a much higher number of patients than ours, but a much lower death rate. We work at the prevention level. But it is the responsibility of concerned authorities to ensure proper treatment of dengue patients. If a patient dies unexpectedly despite ensuring proper and regular medical care, then people consider it. He realized that he had received the service. But if a patient dies due to negligence, negligence or not receiving proper treatment, then there is public outrage. Suffering occurs. We also do not provide information on patients who are treated outside the hospital. Although those patients are also potential source of dengue disease but they remain out of our program due to lack of data. In that place, we think, responsible authorities will play a more responsible role.

Director of Dhaka Medical College Hospital Brigadier General Md. Asaduzzaman said, in case of any disease, if we can prevent it, then the cost is less, the suffering is less. The same applies to dengue. It is a mosquito-borne viral disease. And there is no medicine for the virus. So I request everyone to be vigilant to prevent dengue. The City Corporation shall clean the common spaces and ensure that they do not accumulate water. But we have to keep our house, yard and surroundings clean. Therefore, we have to be aware of our own interest in controlling dengue disease.

Among others, the chief executive officer of the corporation. Mizanur Rahman, Acting Chief Health Officer Dr. Fazle Shamsul Kabir, Ward No. 20 Councilor Farid Uddin Ahmed Ratan spoke. Chief Waste Management Officer Muhammad Nasim Ahmed, Regional Executive Officer of Region-1 Muhammad Shafiqul Islam, Councilor of Reserved Constituency Nargis Mahtab along with senior officials of Corporation and Dhaka Medical College Hospital were present.