Strike in all universities on Tuesday demanding cancellation of certification scheme

The Bangladesh University Teachers’ Association Federation has called for a half-day strike in all public universities of the country on Tuesday (June 4) to demand the cancellation of the ‘Pratya Scheme’ of universal pension. This information was informed in the press release sent to the media by the federation on Monday (June 3).

It has been said that there will be a strike from 8 am to 1 pm on Tuesday. Teachers will not participate in any class-examination and administrative activities during this time. In addition, the location program will be held.

Bangladesh Teachers Association Federation will announce the next program in a press conference at Dhaka University (DU) Battala around 1 pm today.

The notification further states that through the Ministry of Finance notification issued on March 13, university teachers have been taken out of the current pension system and included in the universal pension scheme ‘Praytaya’. As a result, the teachers appointed on and after July 1 will suffer financially.

In protest against this, peaceful programs have been held at the initiative of teachers’ associations in various universities at the call of the Federation of Bangladesh Teachers’ Associations. As part of the ongoing programme, teachers of all public universities in the country will observe a half-day strike on June 4.

The Ministry of Finance has launched a package called ‘Pratya Scheme’ along with the previous four schemes of Universal Pension Scheme. In this, all types of self-governing, autonomous, state-owned, statutory or homogenous organizations and their subordinate organizations, officers or employees who joined after 1 July 2024 will be included in the universal pension scheme.