Students protest against 30 percent freedom fighter quota

Students of Rajshahi University (RABI) protested against the reinstatement of quota system of freedom fighters in first and second class government jobs in Bangladesh.

Hundreds of students gathered in protest in front of the university’s central library at 11am on Thursday (June 6). They raised various anti-quota slogans.

Sanjida, a Master’s student in the Law Department, moderated by Maruf, a student of the University’s Economics Department, said, “I am a woman and despite my 1st class quota, I am strongly protesting against it.” Because I believe that if I have talent and skills, I can get a first-class job with my talent and skills. I believe every girl in Bangladesh has this ability. When a woman became the Prime Minister of the country, any quota was required for her? Certainly not. So we girls don’t need any quota either.

Students protest against 30 percent freedom fighter quota

He also said that according to the judgment of the High Court, the total quota is 56 percent and only 44 percent for the meritorious. It is a discrimination for the talented. Actually the discrimination that was done during the Pakistan era. We respect the freedom fighters and want to move forward with the spirit of the liberation war. But we do not accept any discrimination.

Al Amin, a student of the History and Culture Department of Islam, told Jago News, “Despite my physical handicap, I got a chance because of my talent.” I didn’t get admission even though the subject came in quota. I got admission in the subject which came on the basis of my merit. I strongly protest against this quota culture. At the same time, I demand to the Prime Minister that ordinary students should be considered on the basis of merit. We are not against freedom fighters. However, we will not accept any discriminatory decision.

Students protest against 30 percent freedom fighter quota

Amanullah Aman, a student of Population Science, said that today’s movement does not mean that our demands have been fulfilled. We will protest until our demands are met. Later we will stop at Rabi Main Gate. As students go home we will create intellectual movement through social media through poetry, song, speech, writing. That is why he called upon all ordinary students to come forward.

During this time, slogans like ‘Let the quota discrimination be eradicated, the talented get freedom’, ‘We want bureaucrats with merit, not with quotas’. About three hundred students of different departments were present in the movement.

Monir Hossain Mahin/NIB/JIM