Teletalk-BTCL-DAC going to private sector, decision in July: Blink

State-owned telecommunication company BTCL, mobile operator Teletalk, telephone industry company-Tesis and postal department will be left to the private sector, said the State Minister for Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak.

The state minister said that the final decision will be taken next July on the basis of the percentage of partnership and in what manner these state-owned institutions will be given to the private sector.

He gave this information in response to questions from journalists after the prize distribution ceremony of the competition titled ‘Women in Tech’ held at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in the capital on Tuesday (June 4).

Junaid Ahmed Palak said that the government is giving thousands of crores of rupees every year behind these four state-owned institutions. But there are thousands of manpower and fixed assets. There are also on-demand services. In the last 15 months of observation after taking charge, I have realized that due to lack of management, transparency, accountability and quality service standards, these losses have to be paid.

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He said, it is not possible to pay losses like this year after year. So we have to think whether it will be left partially or completely to the private sector. If any local and foreign investors feel attracted, then I will try to take these companies to a profitable level. We may be interested in full or partial investment.

The state minister also said that if there is a proposal for partnership even at the operational or management level, we will try that too. By this we may be able to protect BTCL, Teletalk and Teshis from financial loss. Similarly, I believe that we can make the resources of the postal department profitable by coordinating with the needs of the private sector and citizens.

‘Now if I come to the topic of teletalk, then there is a lame argument about it. That is — without Teletalk it will be difficult to control other mobile operators. I think this is a lame argument. BTRC is there as a regulator of mobile operators. They will control that.’ added Palak.

He further said, we want to make BTRC modern, strong and business friendly. Due to which we are going to make Telecom Act. Public private partnership will be good to strengthen our companies. In that case, what kind of partnership to go for, I will confirm by talking to the Prime Minister and the ICT advisor after seeing their report at the end of June.