The cost of using internet on mobile is also increasing from today

In the proposed national budget for the financial year 2024-25, the supplementary duty on internet usage on mobile phones has been increased. This increases the cost of internet usage of customers. The additional tax will be effective from Thursday (June 6) afternoon.

Earlier, customers had to pay 15 percent VAT and 15 percent supplementary duty on mobile internet. Now it has been increased by 5 percent. Along with this, consumers will also have to pay 1 percent surcharge.

Due to the new supplementary duty increase of 5 percent, a customer will now have to pay 30 taka 65 paisa for VAT and supplementary duty on an internet package of 100 taka. He can use the remaining 69 taka 35 paisa internet.

Earlier, if you bought an internet package of 100 taka, VAT and supplementary duty was deducted at 27 taka. Customers could use the remaining 73 rupees of internet.

There are currently 19 crore SIM card subscribers in the country. About 13 crore of them use internet on mobile phones. Meanwhile, the mobile phone operator companies of the country implemented the new tariff soon after the proposed budget was announced.

An official of the communication department of a mobile operator company told Jago News without disclosing his name that the relevant order (SRO) was sent only when the finance minister started addressing the national parliament to announce the budget. As a result, tax deduction can be started from the customer at the new rate from 3 pm today.

Not only mobile phone talk time or internet, but all the proposed reductions or increases related to VAT and import duties are effective from the day the budget is announced. Although the financial year starts from 1st July. Although it has legal validity in the existing law, there are questions from different quarters about the implementation of tariff from the day of budget announcement.