The hearing on the suspension of the order not to prevent sand mining is today

The Appellate Division Chamber Judge Court suspended the High Court’s order not to stop Chairman Salim Khan’s daughter Selina Begum from taking sand from three mauzas of Chandpur Sadar Upazila in the Meghna river basin.

On Sunday (June 2), Judge M. of the Appellate Division heard about the application made by the state seeking to suspend the order of the High Court. Chamber Judge Inayetur Rahim gave this order. The application is scheduled to be heard again today.

On Sunday (June 2), Attorney General Abu Muhammad (AM) Amin Uddin and Deputy Attorney General Kazi Mainul Hasan were present in the court hearing.

In this regard, Deputy Attorney General Kazi Mainul Hasan told Jago News, ‘Chandpur has set a date for hearing by suspending the High Court’s order to explain to Selina Begum to take sand from Meghna river in three mouzas of Chandpur Sadar Upazila and not to prevent her from taking sand from there. Chamber Judge Court. As a result, Selina Begum will not be able to lift sand from three mouzas. Chamber court will hear the application today on Monday.

According to the information given by the lawyer of the state party, the owner of M/s Nipa Enterprise is the chairman of Laxmipur Union Parishad No. 10 of Chandpur Sadar Upazila. Salim Khan’s daughter Selina Begum. Selina Begum wrote this year seeking necessary instructions to declare Balu Mahal through hydrographic survey in Charjagannathpur, Lagimara and Thakchar Lagimara of Chandpur Sadar Upazila.

On January 16, the High Court gave an order along with the preliminary hearing. Later, in view of an application made by the writ petitioner, the High Court passed an order with instructions on April 24. The order directed the Chairman of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) to convey within seven days the areas mentioned in the hydrographic survey to Selina Begum for sand extraction.

An interim injunction is granted to the defendants to refrain from obstructing the mining of sand at the said place.

The state appealed to the Appellate Division seeking a stay of the High Court’s order, which came up for hearing in the Chamber Court on Sunday (June 2). In continuation of that, today it is for hearing.