The High Court has asked how many Rohingya voters there are in the country

The High Court has ordered to submit the list after investigating how many Rohingyas have been included in the voter list across the country. Instructions have been given for the submission of this list to the Election Commission, local government secretary and other concerned parties by August 8.

A bench comprising of Justice Naima Haider and Justice Kazi Zeenat Haque of the High Court passed the order on Tuesday (June 11) after hearing a supplementary application filed in this regard.

Advocate Mohammad Siddique Ullah Mia heard the writ today in the court. Deputy Attorney General Amit Das Gupta heard for the state.

Earlier on Monday (June 10), a supplemental application was made to the writ seeking instructions to submit the list of Rohingya voters across the country. The High Court also ordered the hearing on that application.

Earlier, the High Court wanted a list of how many Rohingyas were voted in the entire Cox’s Bazar on April 24. The DC of Cox’s Bazar and those concerned are asked to submit this list to the court. At the same time, the court ordered to exclude 38 Rohingyas from the voter list of Eidgaon Union in Cox’s Bazar. Supplementary application is made in continuation thereof.

On April 23, a petition was filed in the High Court asking for instructions to submit the list of how many Rohingyas have become voters in Cox’s Bazar after obtaining citizenship. At the same time, a request was made to exclude Rohingyas from the voter list. Apart from this, until the voter list of Eidgaon Union is updated, it is requested to stop or postpone the election and polling in the announced schedule.

In the writ, the Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government, the Secretary of the Election Commission, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) and the Superintendent of Police (SP) of Cox’s Bazar were made defendants.

Local voters. On behalf of Hamidur Rahman, Supreme Court lawyer Mohammad Chiddiq Ullah Mia filed a writ.

On that day, Advocate Mohammad Chiddiq Ullah Mia told reporters that 40 Rohingyas have taken National Identity Card (NID) of Bangladesh after being included in the voter list of Eidgaon Union of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazila. A writ petition is filed adding their list.

Apart from this, it has been alleged that several hundred (three and a half hundred) Rohingyas have become citizens in the same union and requested to suspend the election of the Union Parishad until the voter list in the Union Parishad election is updated by removing their citizenship.