The minister calls for highlighting the livestock sector in the media

The country and the nation will benefit if the livestock sector is well presented in the media. By highlighting the problems and potential of this sector, journalists are not only benefiting the livestock sector, but also benefiting the entire nation.

Fisheries and Livestock Minister made this call during an exchange of views with the new committee members of the Fisheries and Livestock Journalists Forum (FLJF) in his office at the Secretariat on Wednesday (June 5). Abdur Rahman.

Secretary of the ministry Syed Mahmud Belal Haider said, we can use the Bay of Bengal as a regulator of development through proper management of marine fisheries resources, protection of marine environment and biodiversity. But Bangladesh lacks adequate skilled manpower and technology regarding the availability, extraction and utilization of marine resources. We have a plan to earn foreign currency by increasing fish production from the sea and exporting it abroad.

Fisheries and Livestock Journalists Forum (FLJF) President MA Jalil Munna Raihan, General Secretary Zahidur Rahman, Joint General Secretary Asadur Rahman, Finance Secretary Shahjahan Mollah, Organizing Secretary Bayezid Munshi, Office Secretary Belal Hossain, Executive Member Kawsar Azam, Ismail were present on this occasion. Hossain Russell, Gautam Ghosh.