The new two ministries and 16 departments are proposed by the Economic Society

The Bangladesh Economic Association has proposed to have two ministries namely Ministry of Public Transport and Ministry of Research, Innovation, Dissemination and Development. Besides, it proposed to make 16 new departments under various ministries.

On Monday (June 3), the general secretary of the association, Professor Md. Ainul Islam proposed this.

The 16 new departments that have been proposed are – Senior Philanthropy Department under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Poor-Indigent-Low-Middle-Class People’s Life Skills Development Department, Women’s Empowerment Department, Tribal People’s Life Skills Development Department, Child Development Department, Statutory Rationing Department, Universal Pension Department, Housing category of poor-marginal low class-lower middle class people.

Besides, Public Health Protection Department under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Department of Science Education for Women, Department of Technical Education, Department of Madrasa Education under the Ministry of Education. Agriculture-Land-Water Reform Department, Haor-Baor-Bil-Char-Coastal Development Department under the Ministry of Agriculture. Economic Association proposed by Department of Economic Diplomacy under Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Micro and Small Entrepreneurship Development under Ministry of Commerce.

Earlier it proposed an alternative budget of Tk 11 lakh 95 thousand 486 crore for the financial year 2024-25. The size of their budget is 1.57 times more than the government’s budget in the current financial year.