‘The price of electricity will increase due to reduction in allocation’

Finance Minister Abul Hasan Mahmud Ali presented the budget proposal for the financial year 2024-25 in the National Parliament. He proposed the budget on Thursday (June 6).

Considering the importance of electricity and energy sector in this year’s budget, an allocation of Tk 30 thousand 317 crore has been proposed. In the financial year 2023-24, the amount allocated to this sector was 34 thousand 819 crores According to that, a lower allocation of Tk 4 thousand 502 crore has been proposed this time

Energy expert and Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) energy advisor Professor M Shamsul Alam gave an immediate post-budget response to Jago News regarding the decrease in allocation for the power and energy sector within one financial year.

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He said, due to lack of fuel, electricity cannot be produced People are deprived of electricity There is no money to develop that energy sector or increase power generation by increasing energy supply The same situation prevails in the energy sector in continuation of the past

This energy expert said that if the allocation in the power sector is increased, transmission, distribution and production capacity will increase And if electricity production does not increase, then the cost of electricity will increase The price increase will be more and more Who will be given this money from the people?

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He said, those doing unscrupulous business by showing higher costs under the guise of non-competitive investment will pour more money into the unscrupulous business. That is what we call loot Budget balance in power and energy sector is a big example of that looting

This energy expert also believes that if the amount of money spent in the power sector does not increase the production cost, the production cost will increase.