There is no message in repairing diseased lungs like the banking-fuel sector

Economist referring to the banking and energy sector as diseased lungs. Debapriya Bhattacharya said, there is no message in this budget to repair diseased lungs.

He commented in a briefing titled ‘National Budget 2024-25 and the prevailing situation of disadvantaged people’ at BRAC Center Inn in Mahakhali of the capital on Monday (June 10) afternoon. Citizen platform Bangladesh for SDG implementation by organizing media briefing.

While answering the questions of journalists, the convener of the civic platform. Debapriya Bhattacharya said, the power and the politics that are being implemented are definitely not going in favor of the backward people. Various initiatives are being taken but they are not for the people but for some individuals. Banks and energy were very important for us this time. Just like the lungs of the body. But there is no mention of repairing them in the budget.

He also said that the government is not paying attention to repairing them while increasing the influence of individuals. Because, to him, that particular person has become important, not the common man. It is important that influential people decide what can and cannot be done. The good and bad of the common people are being neglected in this budget.

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Will the budget given now be implemented? That is the question. There is no substitute for accountability and good governance if what is there is to be implemented. There may be changes in the law to ensure accountability, added Debapriya.

This year’s budget is ambitious, the executive director of Transparency International of Bangladesh said that the budget is empty. Iftekharuzzaman said, this year’s budget is ambitious, empty bully’s budget. You can also call it Shubhankar’s cheat. People who fall behind in this budget will fall further behind. Small traders will be hostile. This budget will widen the rich-poor disparity in the days ahead. This year’s budget will further increase the level of corruption.

Iftekharuzzaman said, I apologize to my next generation. I can no longer tell the new generation to be honest, earn in the way of justice, do not get involved in any corruption. But the state has taken away the right to say these words from me. Now anyone can see in this country if honest the loss is more but if corrupt the income is also more profit.

The deputy director of the public signature campaign. Mostafizur Rahman said, if the government wants to build a smart Bangladesh, how will it be without smart education system. How will it happen if investment does not increase? Building your smart education system requires increased investment in teacher training, research, and teaching materials. Otherwise our education will not become quality education.