Third degree teachers will be promoted to the post of ‘Assistant Professor’

Tertiary teachers working at degree level in MPO-affiliated private colleges will be promoted to the rank of ‘Assistant Professor’. They will also get a higher pay scale. The Ministry of Education has issued new instructions in this regard.

On Monday (June 3), the Ministry of Education issued instructions in this regard. It was signed by the senior assistant secretary of the ministry. Touhidul Islam.

According to the directive, Manpower Structure of Private Educational Institutions (Schools and Colleges) and other lecturers mentioned in clause 11.5 of MPO Policy-2021 will be eligible for grade 9 to 8 of the pay scale on satisfactory completion of 10 years of MPO membership. Within the next 6 years i.e. 16 years of consecutive MPO membership will be promoted to the rank of ‘Assistant Professor’. In the sentence ‘other lecturers’ shall mean tertiary teachers working at MPO degree level.

It further states that tertiary teachers working at degree level in private colleges under MPO are subject to Article 11.5 of Manpower Structure of Private Educational Institutions (Schools and Colleges) and MPO Policy-2021 and 37.00.0000. (Part-1). 147 will be eligible for promotion to the post of Assistant Professor or higher scale as per the circular issued to Smar. This order will be effective immediately.

On March 13, a letter was sent from the Secondary and Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education to the Director General of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (MAUSHI) instructing the third level teachers to join the MPO.

According to the letter, the third degree teachers enrolled in the MPO will start working as lecturers in the ninth grade with a salary of Tk 22,500. Along with this they will get some house rent and medical allowance.

According to the rules of the National University, three teachers are required to be appointed in a college to teach a subject at the degree level. But as per MPO policy and manpower structure, two teachers in the college can be enrolled as MPO.

As a result, three people were appointed but one remained outside the MPO. In colleges that teacher is called ‘third teacher’. When the third teachers went to the High Court to be included in the MPO, the court passed an order in their favor. Then the third teacher started being enrolled as MPO.

The Ministry of Education issued an order on August 28, 2018 to join the MPO for the tertiary teachers who were appointed according to the rules till 2010. In view of this, most of the tertiary teachers belong to MPO. Around 841 Tertiary teachers were appointed in various degree colleges recruited after 2010 and could not be covered under MPO. These teachers are not included in the manpower structure approved by the finance department.

For this reason, the Ministry of Education requested for the consent to include the MPO subject to the qualification of tertiary teachers, appointed and working as per the rules. After receiving the consent of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education instructed the Maushi Directorate to join the MPO of the legally appointed tertiary teachers under eight conditions.

According to Maushi sources, data of 768 teachers from 9 regions has been received. Among them, there are teachers of 52 colleges newly under MPO. As per MPO policy, verification of eligible students for degree level is over. The final list is sent to the Ministry for approval. After the decision of the Ministry, the process of inclusion of MPO is ongoing.