Trump to rally in heat wave, target immigration issue

Biden’s rival in the US presidential election is former President Donald Trump. Despite not leaving behind the controversy, the election campaign continues. Presidential elections are scheduled to be held in the country on November 5.

It is known that Trump is going to hold a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, amid the intense heat wave. Trump is hopeful this time despite losing twice in the swing state.

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This is going to be Trump’s biggest political rally since the former porn star was indicted in the bribery case. Allegation against Trump that he bribed the porn star to silence him before the 2016 election. This marked the first time that a US president had been convicted of a crime.

Trump announced plans to crack down on illegal immigration to supporters in the battleground state of Arizona on Thursday. He blamed the Democrats on this issue.

The immigration issue will be important in Trump’s speech in Las Vegas. Moreover, this controversial former president will also talk about high inflation after the corona epidemic.

Meanwhile, a forecast said the temperature at Trump’s rally venue could reach 36 degrees Celsius, which could rise further in the afternoon.

In such a situation, Trump’s campaign management team has informed the supporters about necessary clothing and drinking water in a statement. It is said that there will be water bottles, misting and cooling stations. Moreover, medical personnel will also be in one place in case of emergency.

Source: Reuters