Visit Dhaleswari in the late afternoon

Dhaleswari river near Savar tells a living story! The red glow of the sun in the autumn afternoon adds to the flavor of the story. The place became a gathering place for visitors. While spending some time sitting on the banks of the river is pleasant, taking a small dinghy boat to enjoy the beauty of nature along the river is also a unique experience.

Three friends Siam, Milan and I decided to go on a boat trip on Friday morning. The Dhaleswari River flowing under the Siegair Bridge in Savar near Dhaka is quite easy to reach.

First, I and Siam reached Hemayetpur by taking the Baishakhi bus from Shyamoli for 30 taka. Then I got down to Hemayetpur and reached the river bank by easy bike, which cost 30 taka per person. But if there are more people, it is better to take a reserve car.

Visit Dhaleswari in the late afternoon

Resident of Milan Savar. So he was already waiting for us on the river bank. There are various food shops on the banks of the river. But without paying much attention to that, we decided to go on a boat trip first. When the sailor got into the small dinghy and slowly steered the boat, our joyous journey began.

As the boat moves along the river, the boatman enlivens our journey by telling stories. He said, in this part of the Dhaleswari river, there was once a lot of fish, now it is comparatively less.

The livelihood of local fishermen depends on this river. The history of the river, local folklore and various images of riverside life came up in the story of Majhi. Hearing these stories in his mouth, we felt as if we were listening to mythological stories.

Visit Dhaleswari in the late afternoon

During the boat trip, we saw a small group of people sitting on the banks of the river. Everyone seems to be busy with their own life stories, but the river creates an invisible bond between them all. The cool air of the river fills our mind with tranquility.

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We did not forget to do various mischief on the boat. Splashing water on each other, rocking the boat, having fun by dipping our hands in water reminded us of our childhood days.

Visit Dhaleswari in the late afternoon

Meanwhile, we three friends started a deep discussion about the river and various aspects of life. In the midst of nature, we felt the urge to speak our minds.

Slowly the evening approached, and the water of the river began to shimmer with a silver glow. Then it seemed that true happiness is hidden in the small moments of life. We are three friends, the story of the sailor, and that boat ride on the river Dhaleswari will remain a priceless memory of life.

After the boat trip we arrived at the river bank and had a cheap evening meal. The taste of local food seemed to wash away the tiredness of the day. After eating fresh fish curry, fritters, and local sweets, everyone was satisfied.

Visit Dhaleswari in the late afternoon

After eating, I left for Dhaka again. I came back to Hemayetpur by easy bike. Then I boarded the Boishakhi bus and reached the destination again. The whole day’s experience filled everyone’s mind.

For those who seek nature and tranquility around the capital, a boat trip on the Dhaleswari River near Savar can be a unique experience. The riverside food stalls, the hospitality of the local people and the stories of the sailors all together make this one of the best trips of your life.

Author – Feature writer and journalist