What not to eat with rice

Rice is very useful for keeping the body healthy. Rice contains a lot of carbohydrates, which increase the body’s energy. But eating excess rice is not good, it increases the risk of constipation.

There are some foods that can be dangerous to eat with rice. Let’s know which foods should not be eaten with rice-

the bread

Many people eat rice and bread together to maintain balance of fiber and carbohydrates. But it can be dangerous to health.

In fact, both rice and bread have a high glycemic index. As a result, gastric problems may occur when played together.


Everyone likes to eat aloo bharta, bhaji and curry with rice. But these two foods should not be eaten together.

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Nutritional science says there are some unhealthy aspects to eating potatoes with rice. Both foods are high in calories. As a result, there is a possibility of weight gain.


Many people eat fruit immediately after eating rice even if there is no fruit with rice. Be careful in this case. Eating rice with fruit can cause digestive problems.

Especially if the fruit is raw, the risk is even higher. So eat fruits not immediately after eating rice but after half an hour.


Like potatoes, it is not right to eat corn with rice. It is high in starch, which is not good for the body. On top of that, the calories and starch in rice increase the risk of overeating.

the tea

Do not drink tea immediately after eating rice. This habit should be abandoned to maintain good stomach health. Tannins in tea react with calories to produce gas. So it is important to be careful to avoid risks.

Source: Times of India