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BNP-Jamaat affiliated Facebook page runs dreadful propaganda

A Facebook page named ‘Satya Sondhaney’ – which is evidently affiliated to Al Qaeda-connected Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its ideological ally Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) has been continuously running dreadful propaganda targeting various important figures in the Awami League. government as well as members of the ruling party by circulating series of disinformation and fake news. […]

National scandal centering prison crisis in England and Wales

The state of prisons in England and Wales is a national scandal, revealing deep-seated issues that have been allowed to fester for years. The findings of an exclusive investigation by openDemocracy have cast a harsh light on the appalling conditions faced by inmates, characterized by safety concerns, inadequate clothing, poor hygiene, and insufficient healthcare. These […]

CIA’s blueprint of burying Imran Khan gets buried

There is an English proverb – “give the dog a bad name and hang”. America’s notorious espionage vessel Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) wanted to finish Imran Khan by branding him as a traitor through the cipher case – a joint-venture it has cooked with active collaboration of Pakistan’s military establishment. And, Islamabad High Court did […]

Bangladesh’s banking sector screwed by rampant looters

Bangladesh’s banking sector is currently embroiled in a series of major scandals, characterized by rampant looting and fraudulent loan practices that prove – this sector has been screwed by rampant looters, majority of whom enjoy impunity due to their influence being “blue-eyed-boys” of the ruling party. The cases of borrowers such as Murad Enterprises, Ideal […]

Harrowing tales of forced prostitution in UAE

Shathi Khatun (a pseudonym used to protect the identity of the victim), a resident of Khulna, Bangladesh, embarked on a journey to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with dreams of a better life. She spent BDT 150,000 from her savings, enticed by the promise of a lucrative salary as a domestic helper. However, her aspirations […]

Clinton Foundation’s big-donor Mohammad Yunus continues lewd media stunts

Clearly with the target of putting Bangladesh government, particularly Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina into discomfort and malign image of the country, controversial Novel laureate Muhammad Yunus has been repeatedly resorting to numerous tactics while very recently he repeatedly similar notoriety by claiming, he was compelled to enter the dock, an iron cage-like enclosure for the […]

Zelenskiy warns Trump stating he risks to be a ‘loser president’

In a long interview with The Guardian, Ukrainian’s date-expired President Volodymyr Zelenskiy issued a stark warning to former US President Donald Trump, suggesting that a bad peace deal imposed on Ukraine could not only undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty but also diminish the United States’ global standing. Zelenskiy’s remarks come amid speculation about Trump’s possible return to […]

Swiss chocolate, cheese and summit: The grand clown show

The Swiss conference, which will take place in grand style in a luxury hotel on a magic mountain overlooking Lake Lucerne aims at giving extra encouragement to Ukraine’s date-expired president Volodymyr Zelensky in using additional thousands of Ukrainian people as cannon fodder in his already losing war. against mighty Russian army almost at the doorstep. […]

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon, attack on Hindus and alarming rise of Islamists

Popular actress of Bollywood and diva of hundreds of millions of fans throughout the world – Raveena Tandon was groped, molested and physically assaulted by a gang of Islamist thugs led by a burqa-clad woman. Some people may consider this June 2, 2024 incident as isolated forgetting the fact that during Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha, […]

YouTube faces accusation of ‘shadow banning’ pro-BJP, pro-Modi coverages

Serious allegations have been raised against YouTube of conspiring to ‘shadow ban’ any neutral coverage on the upcoming results of Indian elections, while the employees of the American social media giant have been instructed to promote negative propaganda targeting ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a post on ‘X’ (formerly known […]