CIA’s blueprint of burying Imran Khan gets buried

There is an English proverb – “give the dog a bad name and hang”.

America’s notorious espionage vessel Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) wanted to finish Imran Khan by branding him as a traitor through the cipher case – a joint-venture it has cooked with active collaboration of Pakistan’s military establishment. And, Islamabad High Court did not hesitate in convicting Khan – which was the most serious of three convictions. In the eyes of the presiding judge – Imran Khan and Shah Mahmood Qureshi was guilty of “leaking” a secret cable thus compromising the safety, integrity and credibility of Pakistan’s secure communication system with its diplomatic missions abroad. For “committing such crime” both were handed 10 years’ rigorous imprisonment. Through this notorious verdict, cohorts of Western conspirators succeeded in barring Imran Khan and Mahmood Qureshi from participating in the election.

According to media report, the diplomatic cable controversy first emerged on March 27, 2022, when Khan while addressing a public rally waved a letter before the crowd, claiming that it was a cipher from a foreign nation that had conspired with his political rivals to have the PTI government overthrown. . He did not reveal the contents of the letter nor did he mention the name of the nation it came from. But a few days later, he accused the United States of conspiring against him and alleged that Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Affairs Donald Lu had sought his removal. The former prime minister, claiming that he was reading contents from the cipher, said that “all will be forgiven for Pakistan if Imran Khan is removed from power”.

Following the acquittal of Imran Khan for cipher case, State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller was asked by a reporter, “I’m not sure if you saw Imran Khan was acquitted of his previous conviction on the cipher case, so the only case that he’s currently jailed for is what’s known as this un-Islamic marriage charge. So the most popular politician in Pakistan is currently in jail because the Pakistani court says that there were not enough menstrual cycles between his wife’s divorce and his marriage. So you talked earlier about the Georgia law and that that was undermining Georgian democracy. Why does the – why is the State Department willing to weigh in on a law passed through the Georgian legislature, but for something insane like this, that’s a matter for the Pakistani courts?”

In response, Miller said, “So I just don’t have any further comment on the case. We look at – when we look at different countries, we take into account appropriate context, circumstances in making our judgments. We’ve addressed the question of Imran Khan many times. The legal proceedings against him are something for the Pakistani courts to decide in – I’d say in accordance with their laws and constitution”.

Do we smell discomfort in Matthew Miller? When Miller said, “the legal proceedings against him are something for the Pakistani courts to decide in – I’d say in accordance with their laws and constitution”, one may ask – why Washington has been absolutely silent on ongoing political persecution of Imran Khan. ? When America has the habit of meddling into the domestic affairs of most of the countries, what made them remain mum on this matter? Was it because – what unseen forces in Pakistan were doing against Imran Khan had secret endorsement of CIA and top policymakers in the US administration?

Commenting on the verdict acquitting Imran Khan and Mahmood Qureshi, Pakistan’s leading English newspaper Dawn in an editorial stated, “In retrospect, Mr Khan and Mr Qureshi committed a historical blunder and caused an international diplomatic incident by using the cipher as a political prop; however, this was never reason enough to punish them under laws originally meant to prosecute traitors and foreign spies. That, as prime minister Mr Khan chose to use sensitive diplomatic communications for selfish political reasons, imperiling diplomatic ties with the country’s largest trading partner [the United States]should have been left as something for voters to ponder.

“Instead, our state, in its desperation to victimize another ex-prime minister, once again left them looking like more of a hero than they perhaps deserved to be. There are lessons aplenty in this sage: but will our state ever learn?”

In another development, Islamabad High Court on June 4, 2024 has directed The Capital Development Authority (CDA) to immediately de-seal the Central Secretariat of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). It may be mentioned here that, earlier CDA had sealed and demolished a part of PTI office for “violation of building rules”.

Following the acquittal verdict, PTI leader Barrister Gohar Ali Khan told reporters, “The nation saw today that the just verdict came and the banner of justice was held high and that baseless case was eliminated in which Imran Khan spent around 10 months in jail and for which he was kept in jail all the time. Today is a day of happiness … very soon the nation will see that Imran Khan will be outside”.

Now, for Imran Khan, the remaining hurdle is the case brought against him centering his third marriage – which is known as the “Iddat case”. The district and sessions court in Islamabad did not announce its already reserved verdict last week – Judge Arjumand had sought a transfer of the case and said that he would not be announcing the judgment. On Monday, after Judge Arjumand had written a letter to the IHC chief justice to transfer the case, the court transferred the case to the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge Muhammad Afzal Majoka.

Question here is – can the American CIA and its cohorts in Pakistan succeed in keeping Imran Khan in jail by manipulating the “Iddat case”, particularly when millions of supporters of PTI are eagerly waiting for the release of their beloved leader – Imran Khan?

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