4613 educational institutions without MPO across the country: Education Minister

Currently, there are 4,613 non-MPO educational institutions across the country, said Education Minister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury.

He said this in response to a written question by ruling party member M Abdul Latif in the budget session of Parliament on Sunday (June 9). Speaker Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury presided over the parliament.

The minister said, in the light of the manpower structure of private educational institutions (schools and colleges) and MPO policy-2021, MPOs are enrolled on the basis of the desired number of students, pass rate, availability and required qualifications. MPO affiliation of educational institutions is an ongoing process. MPO enrollment is currently being done digitally through automation. Educational institutions without MPOs across the country are included in MPOs through notification from time to time by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education.

He said that there is less than one month left of the current financial year. The government has no plans to include any new educational institution under MPO in this short time.

Member of Parliament In response to a question by Siddiqur Rahman Patwari, the Education Minister said, “Teachers are the artisans of making people.” The government is sincere in solving the problem of delay in receiving pension and welfare of private teachers. Due to lack of adequate financial resources in this sector, it is mainly taking more time and creating problems.

Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury also said that in the meantime, in the meeting of the Standing Committee related to the Ministry of Education, there has been a detailed discussion on how to get the teachers’ due money as soon as possible from the Private Educational Institutions Teachers and Employees Retirement Benefit Board and the Private Educational Institutions Teachers and Employees Welfare Trust. Secondary and Higher Education Department has formed a committee to solve the problem and the formed committee has started its activities.