55 percent of university students are worried about their career

University students are worried about what their working life will be like right from their education. Apart from this, thoughts of suicide enter the mind unknowingly due to various complications including social, economic, mental. Unable to cope with mental instability and hostile environment, such thoughts sprout in their heads. The number of students who have suicidal thoughts at least once during their academic career is increasing.

According to the latest survey by private development organization Anchal Foundation, more than 52 out of every 100 university students have thought of suicide at least once.

The organization said that they surveyed 1,570 students of various universities in the country about the deterioration of their mental health. Such information has emerged.

In a virtual press conference on Friday (June 7) at noon, the data of the survey titled ‘Reasons for deterioration of students’ mental health in university life’ was presented.

According to the survey data, 5.9 percent of the total students who participated attempted suicide and failed. 7.3 percent of the students who had collected suicide materials among them. 39.2 percent students did not attempt suicide even if they thought about it. 47.6 percent of students who never thought of suicide.

Among the students who participated in the survey, 52.4 percent of the students said that they thought of suicide at least once. Several reasons have emerged behind their suicidal thoughts. The main reason is career disappointment.

The survey revealed various reasons for the frustration of campus students. Out of total students 55.00 percent students said they are worried about career. Besides, 16.2 percent of students are suffering from depression due to comparing themselves with others for various reasons.

On the other hand, 9.4 percent of students are depressed about studying in the university, 9.00 percent about hall or residential environment, 5.3 percent because of bullying by classmates or teachers and 1.6 percent because of all the above reasons.

A total of 1,570 students participated in the foundation’s survey this year. 580 students participated in the age range of 17-22 years, which is 36.94 percent as a percentage. 919 students aged 23-26 participated, which is 58.53 percent as a percentage. 71 students aged 27-30 participated, which is 4.53 percent.

Among the students who participated in the survey, 756 were male, 813 were female and one belonged to the third gender. Among them, 251 were first-year students, 254 were second-year students, 369 were third-year students, 340 were fourth-year students and 341 were master’s students. Besides, 15 people have just completed their studies.