92 kg of African Magu seized in Barisal, fined

A 92 kg monstrous African Magu has been seized in Hijla, Barisal. Besides, the mobile court has fined a person involved in the destruction and cultivation of about 200 kg of unharvested magu.

Hijla Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Yasin Sadek imposed the fine on Wednesday (June 5) afternoon.

Senior Fisheries Officer of Hijla Upazila Mohammad Alam confirmed the matter to Jago News on Thursday (June 6) morning.

He said that on Wednesday night, on the basis of secret information, the upazila administration and fisheries department conducted a joint operation in Bander market of Guabaria union of Hijla upazila. During the raid, 36 kg of African magur was seized while selling the ferocious African magur fish in Rakhus, a threat to biodiversity and native fish species.

Later, based on this source, Khunna Gobindpur area. 56 kg of African Magur fish was seized after irrigation in a pond in Motahar Kaviraj. Which was distributed to two orphanages and madrasas in that area. Besides, about 200 kg of African Magu was destroyed by sprinkling bleaching powder in the pond.

Later the accused Md. Motahar Kabiraj was fined Rs 3,000 as per Fisheries Conservation and Protection Act.

Shaun Khan/NIB/GKS